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Remember the dearest memories of your loved ones in the undisturbed, tranquil and serene setting of our memorial parks.

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Calgro M3 has operated as a mixed use and integrated residential property developer since 1995 and recently expanded its developments to include memorial parks.

Our concept allows an opportunity to give families a tranquil and beautiful setting in which to lay their loved ones to rest. A setting that is safe, well maintained and adds to the overall community, due to location.

The Calgro M3 Memorial Park at Nasrec is privately owned and professionally managed and maintained. It offers state of the art security, lit up by flood lights at night, so that visit your loved one and feel secure in this performance of respect. Our memorial park is accessible and expands on the offerings and services provided by traditional municipal cemeteries.

Our offering includes the ability to buy burial sites together for your entire family in a cluster, rather than be scattered across various locations as in the case in many traditional graveyards.

The landscaping is specifically designed to provide a sense of tranquility and peace and includes water features, which are well maintained.

At Calgro M3 Memorial Parks we set ourselves apart from traditional cemeteries to provide you and your family a safe, serene and striking surrounding where the entire family can visit and commemorate their loved ones in absolute tranquility – a setting which will embrace remembrance.